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Personal Fit

Personal Training

You will work each session with a trainer and often in a group setting for each of your workouts.

We have a unique approach to getting results and we believe it is best if we help you achieve what you are looking for. We offer unlimited training sessions per week to help you meet your goals.


Team Fit


We are proud to be a USAPL-certified gym, as well as the home of many competing powerlifters from the DFW area.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, our team is comprised of lifters of all ages and abilities. Whether you're an experienced, record-holding powerlifter or a novice, we offer all of the components you need to be able to compete at your best


Group Fit

Group Classes

Get an extra workout and benefit from some fun, group motivation.

Our group classes use a smartly implemented, cross-training approach. Utilizing both strength and metabolic components, workouts are fun and well-rounded

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About Authentic Strength

Whether you're new to an active lifestyle or you're an experienced strength athlete, we have the coaching, the facilities, and the community to get you where you want to go!

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