Powerlifting is a sport with a variety of different equipment. Even raw lifters are very specific about their needs when it comes to equipment. Just this week, I had a lifters ask if our gym has a certain brand of bar because that's what was used at her last competition. In the mass of different equipment, the lifter or coach can't overlook the importance of shoes. The shoes are a lifter's only contact point with the floor and can often mean the difference in success and failure. We're going to examine the different types of footwear as they relate to each lift.

Olympic Shoes:

Olympic, or Oly shoes, made a move into powerlifting during the late 1990s with the transition of weightlifters and their coaches. Oly shoes have a solid base and a raised heel of varying heights. During the squat, very few lifters have the ankle mobility to reach depth with a flat shoe unless they're using a wide stance. Since most of the lifting population likes to keep their feet close to shoulder width, the raised heel of an Oly shoe is beneficial. Oly shoes are made just for...


There is so much debate over the breakfast topic. Should you, shouldn't you, is it good, is it bad? It seems like a new article or story comes out all the time about how eggs are the worst thing in the world for you and then next they are the best. Recently a study came out that you do not need to eat breakfast when they have always said that you should. How does one keep up?

When you wake up in the morning your body has been sleeping all night and burning calories, you need to give it something good to start the day. If you are coming to the gym in the morning, get something in your body. You can never go wrong with a banana, protein shakes, of course, meat...everyones favorite breakfast food.

They say you are what you eat and we truly believe that your food intake is 80% of your results. Eat before you come in and be mindful throughout the day of what you are putting in your body. Fuel your body with clean and healthy foods and get maximum results.

Oh and of course, drinks LOTS of water because it is HOT HOT HOT!! Until next...


Happy Wednesday lifting fans. Today, the topic is the upcoming IPF Classic (Raw) Worlds in Killeen, TX. If you didn't know, Authentic Strength has 3 of its lifters competing with a good chance for world titles.

Diane Kuhn: Diane is a Masters 2 or 50-59 division at 185 lbs. She has been training with Johnny May for about two years. She is in perhaps the most competitive division at this meet as there are four lifters with a legitimate shot to win. Diane's improvement since her national championship many months ago has been significant and we expect her total to be considerably larger.

Taskin Amin: Taskin is a Junior (20-23) at 130 lbs. Taskin has been with Authentic Strength for about a year. This student at North Texas has the same issues with competition that Diane is facing. There are seven lifters on the roster nominated within 30 lbs of the leader. That kind of depth will make this an exciting class.

Willie Lim: Willie is also a Junior and competes at 145 lbs. Willie stands to be the lightest junior in the entire competition to squat...

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Greetings new followers. I'm Curt and I'll be heading up the powerlifting blog of the Authentic Strength page. First, a little background about myself. I've been involved in the sport since 1998 as a lifter. Since that time, I have participated in the sport in every significant aspect. I'm an international referee and meet director as well. In 2008, I coached as an assistant at the IPF junior worlds. In 2011, I became head coach of the junior team and took the sub-junior team as well in 2014.

Now that you have some back ground about me, let's talk about this blog a bit. We'll be discussing nearly all things related to powerlifting. I'll try to post and bring up a new topic at least once per week. Please feel free to join in with your opinions.

Until next time, have a good day and train hard.

Curt St. Romain


We are definitely not new around the athletic world but we are new to the blogging world. Bear with us while we get our feet wet and try to provide you with the best content that will be most useful information to you.

We might miss a week or say the same thing twice but we will try hard to bring you new content each week for your viewing pleasure. We will be bringing our knowledgable staff to you with ideas, goals, workouts, fitness and, of course, powerlifting. We have a PowerLifting Pro, Curt St. Romain, who will be bringing you weekly information on and about the Powerlifting world.

Thanks for joining us! We look forward to hearing from you and being a resource of information.

-Authentic Strength Team


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